Who we are

Founder and director of Eliven Landscapes, Dave Gilbert is an experienced residential landscaper with knowledge covering design and construction from small courtyards to sizable outdoor living spaces and large residential developments.

Dave has a passion for the outdoors and creating enviable living spaces, enabling home owners to enjoy the outdoors with their family and friends.

Dave has been landscaping for over 15 years. His hands on approach sees him working closely with clients, landscape designers and builders to ensure the best outcome for all projects.

Have a plan? Great! Lets bring the plan to life!

What we do

Having an initial plan is a great place to start, saving you time and money in the preliminary design stage. Your plan can be as little as a hand drawn sketch of your ideal outdoor space with some photographs for us to use as a reference, to a detailed plan by a professional designer. Anything that gives us some scope with your ideal landscape style and requirements will help us provide the best advice and service during our free consultation.

Don’t have a plan?
No problem! We can help!

If you don’t know where to start or simply don’t have the time to create a design plan, we can help. Contact us and we can start you in the right direction of planning your own outdoor area, or we can organize a design consultation to explore your aesthetic tastes, garden requirements and landscaping styles to enable us to create a plan for your ideal outdoor area.


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